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tv   Fox 8 News in the Morning  FOX  February 4, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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very nice. h h 34 degrees. changes in the air. rachel low 60s yesterday. when you have a healthy women is strong front that came through yesterday and some sunshine even
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directionon trevor time with
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itit is 6:01 a.m. 62 degrees that was so nice right about now. that's been cleared away. the interior is open between 19 time in you may at that. you are looking good this morning don't forget about this construction this is what along route 83 of the turnpike. inmates escape it happened at a low level lockup right here a in the city the fact that they got away highlights issues that i can't think of advice to you. stacy fry isth life with what we know this morning.
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menkg. is the dispatch out a window and one of the dormitoryat in cleveland they say that they escaped on sunday after getting caught breaking the one of them has been here since december since no number on drug charges. the judge is a halfway house for low-level convicted felons. they generally survey were from 90 to 130 days after about 30 days they are allowed some freedom to come and go they
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suspected of having from k2 in his bunk areaha the other person was found to have a cell phone that he was not permitted to have. tne they're promising to put moreut security measures in place of something like this can't happen.cusu after doctors fight to save the t lives of two babies after they ate some type of drug. who will be responsible they have not been any charges filed yet investigators say that they will come down to today.
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something so horrible could have happened. twenty-one -month-old girl the nine -month-old boyy just before noon tuesday which is used to reverse the effects of heroin. never did i anticipate this is on charges of never heard of. the drug made headlines biggest cvs that there was soon start selling it and ohio stores and you will not need a prescription. not everyone acres it should be sold over-the-counter it is a look look at the more recent to
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other news that happened on its superior avenue. officers say witnesses took the t driver lost control slammed into the pulpits passengers died while the driver and another a passenger were rushed to the hospitalr 21 -year-old brooklyn resident were she was pronounced dead. they're not releasing any names until her family is notified.d. fifty-three of the 54 lead4
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range. to keep lead from old keene into water from residential pets system operators have come under fire for not notifying theti public about that lead levels dating back to last summerbl lockers use over the summer. for additional testing was done an abundance of caution. 6:07 a.m. weather and traffic every eight minutes. she went to the balcony and she
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temperatures have been falling. we can forecast and we come
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interesting looking at web camera time
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3 miles offshore. you'll notice that were certain c to see these little sheets of white snow look at them here as they have obscured the time lapse as this field is beginning to lower somewhat the base of the cloud deck there was a little under 24 hours ago. a record highs all over the place whence about half of that here's the west windowou from west towe east. pretty good area snow.
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break behind that in cleveland. we have a 33 in cleveland it's more of a sleepier snow melting as it reaches the ground.s trying to push further south will stay in the upper midwest.pu couple pockets of light snow very little in the way of accumulationoo today's high of around
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minimal accumulation. these systems must to west to east no significant changes until next week watch whatwa happens is the low developing over the great lakes.h i think were going to get into a general snow pattern. it won't be heavy snowge the continuously been next week still lacking across theos northern half of the country. lower 20s from hudson tuesday it's a very mild winter.
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fifteen minutes after 6:00. looks pretty good all the screen traffic is slowing well. along for 80. as you head through that construction zonene for 80fo eastbound and right now traffic is slowing unencumbered there. average price is 155. this is the cash. the circle k at pearl and
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see some cheaper gas prices in your neighborhood. my view we have a congress today. that is much more interesting ss in the wealth in the power the fossil fuel industries rather than the news pit of the american people.ic it's very hard to see how any of these proposals could be there was an tech with the bases are not on the stage of the same
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from the audience s sophia was
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and friends broke out to stick was not hurt. they think the fire started in the top four apartment of an elderly resident who was included a destroyed six apartments before it was contained. the irs has stopped accepting a returns. they say could affect refunds butey it does not affect any major disruptions. they can continue as middlemen between taxpayers and the irs. 90 percent of taxpayers will receive their friends than three weeks and i'll a lot of worry runner who want my million dollars he's actually owed about 10 million more because the m winner of the previous dry backo in 2010 was a former lottery executive qsound guilty of rigging a drawing said he would
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that would've happened 99 not nine the lottery commission it is impossible to the right history. io just be happy with the nine. i'll take 9 million. eighteen minutes after 6:00 a.m. media. the world was a better place before facebook. ia today's" is park elementary and a chardon. we'll take it to her and to
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i'm not jealous. your green with envy. 622 usually tossed to traffic. where doing the red white and blue thing. roads are great to 71 for 80 over towards is 71. no problems whatsoever are you
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out the door.r.o right now it's moving well right now that's itr pretty tough merge point. after i 90 and 77 north path a great start on your thursday. a here's a look at your forecast. temperatures have been drop in the lower 30s after yesterday's record high is 63. we've actually dropped a couple more degrees since aboutt 3:00 in
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of tune out we don't have a whole lot of arctic air in place. a quick snow shower 34 to 35 down into hinckley brett 33 that highlights the snow shower i s would be a bit surprised as the temperatures stay in the lower middle 30s0s compared to what it is) very little in the way of heading outside of the front yard. will send it back to 6:24 a.m. is your time. t this get plugged in with todd meany.
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it's a pretty teenager. shouldn't even thank you patty foran that. we're getting plugged in talkingd about that's what you do do before facebookin before facebook hase been training and that's where were going with this are you better off with facebook or do you wish ith was never invented w a lot of comments coming in. valerie saysl writing letters doing crosswords w puzzles reading puzzles actually talking to people pg i asked to call did talk to my friends and family.d pasted able to keep in contact across the world impose pictures
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look at other people you didn't know from high school class reunion type of thing. and a fight has its benefits it's cause some issues and some people's lives. we want to hear those stories two. if you look at the times this will evers ones that work. who's doing their job. social media will be our downfall by the when i'm on a break. we want to hear from you what did you do before facebook your thoughts and comments this morningd you can hit us up on facebook were to meet at a you can text us were spell lines are open. i'm just glad i know my friends
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eating when and what. now you note that looks good i'm going to try that restaurant there is a dennis ours trying to see the positive in your sarcasm. to i'm going to try that local restaurant in my neighborhood. 6:27 a.m. we have an update on weather and traffic every eight minutes on morning for people and are area find out about the scam that's causing a certain group of residents. there is the negative social media. ceric cops had to say about these guys. make many ways see people all over are doing it. people ay the high tech with people are now getting paid to lett people watch them all day all night.
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you can become a worldwide start your own reality show and the warning that internet safety experts are getting out about this new trend.d. making at money be sleeping and a the creepers who are checking you out tonight only on fox 8
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good morning everybody. what a difference 12 hours makes.w now were in the low 30s with a brisk wind dragon is here it isi melting snow showers across ohio. on. yesterday he broke some markers with a height of 63 same deal and akron 50s and 60s all over the place. 25 degrees colder the end of what it was just 24 hours ago. a it is driving some melting snow showers we have some light accumulationsw pretty decent this morning look at chardon with light accumulation in higher elevationsla in north and geauga county. the coverages relatively small. composite radar shows a light snow over the week eastlakeke
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painesville and madison strongsville at 33 independence not 32 bedford at 32 cannot 34. there's that week front this is the classic winter patterne we don't have a whole lot of arctic air inwh place in the low 30s. that's seasonable light snow and spots we will have the same clipper coming through on saturday ier will also offer a o chance of some white and melting snow showers in betweens everything we will see some breaks of sunshine. we have a s couple of the snow showers.c same deal this afternoon as the steady. with mostgh of the snow showers if fall back into the 20s tomorrow d as we climb into the middle and high 30s under partly sunny again not much with that will probably get a couple of melting
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begin to climb, but night streak is the second low that develops over the great lakes. l we will have more moisture to work with for several of these different clippers coming through. we are not anticipating any major amounts of snow that fairlyam widespread snowfall which will extend the snow cover across northern ohio by the end of next week ande temperaturesra start to fall for tuesday wee will fall back into the lower 20s and we stayed there for most is next week low to middle 20s for next tuesday's tuesday until friday. chances are seen snow on top of that with some like affect. not none of us have any snow on the ground. i would bet lunch thursday about 90 percent of northern ohio will have some sort of snow cover.90 it's coming. fox 8 news is your official o school closing station. it's not like what we had less
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see you all blended up picture almost 40 now. but i stop. good at morning things are looking good on the freeways we don't have any problems as you had along the shore way looks good coming up along the in about will see slowdowns as you head through the metro curves time. this isat the in about bridgee traffic to by two headed across theo bridge from 90 and 71 doing what they shed. no pick crashes out there and 77 and for 80 starting to get busier. you can see the folksin starting to head to 40 east in downtown warrant fire buildings for doing okay no major problems just
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hour.n we still have the construction project it just started this week it will be with us for a few months. wayne and kristi pack to you. the search continues for two men who escaped from my cuyahoga county correctional m facilities on sunday. stacy fry is life with the latest. although authorities do not consider these guys dangerous they highlight problems with the fox 8 i team that fox 8 i team uncovered washed year. theun head of the facility believe that they escape as they were t caught breaking the rules. with synthetic marijuana and another with a cellnt phone he was not supposed to have.ce they say that they smashed out a dorm window and escapehe from the t correctional facility on sunday. hitsts run and operates like a
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talents were on probation. before they are allowed restricted time to lease shepherd arrived here in december after stealing a car in cleveland heights in they come here to get treatment services. they come here to get an education and employment services. most of them are not the kinds of folks you need to be fearful us. >> this correctional facility isis noty a jail or prison. however there are locks on the door time is restricted when they are allowed to come and go. they plan to add security measures so people can't escape
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they will find these two. two babies were revived from ad near death experience after they may have eaten drugs. jessica dill t joins us live with house and anna don't help toel save their lives. >> good at morning everyone. just this week cbs announced they will start to sell this heroin and to double antidote over-the-counter here in ohio a emergency responders say they been using this for years which is to babies. a 21 -month-old girl in a nine -month-old boy was spent another day at the hospital. they are expected to be okay. they say that mother of the hospital unconscious after they bothte feet some sort of opiate. it was presumably fortunately, both we're revived after two doses of not can that's a drug used to combat heroin overdoses. investigator spent severalos hours
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wednesday no charges have been filed, but that 18 -year-old mother is the main suspect. >> i think we should be able to come away with at least several charges on a couple people. the ticket that the best case weekend were clad that the t children are still with us that's the most important thing. police believe that one child might have had the drugs to the other child. after they are released from akron children's hospital they will thenen be moved to a temporary foster homes to make sure thesese kids are safe. jessica dill reporting life. akron police warning about fake cops preen on the elderly for their cash. at least to northeast ohio women in their 80s have fallen for this scam. both cases the suspect was -- claim to be he told the women he needed their help and he had them withdraw large sums of
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the second one did not give him anything. either woman was her police are now warning seniors to be on alert. one thing we have to be clear off as our department as well as i'm sure many others would never ask citizens to withdraw money as part of an investigation. we don't do that. anyone who thinks they might have been victimized are knows anything about the suspect is that asked to call the police department. police in cincinnati are thinking thatat man who led them on a chase through three state that's because at this. it's t a video that more and reported during the case which you posted on social media that you can see the police cruiser with lights flashing and the back window the police cars eventually broke off the chase but a helicopter cap following them. they were eventually caught when they pulled into a parking lot of the skyline chili. we appreciate them videotaping
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evidence.e.e i don't think were dealing with the brightest individuals here. >> that started with a traffic violation two of the three men hadra a warrant. that a w gun at a small amount of marijuana in the carpet 6:40 a.m. a a it's a hall of fame school. they arere today's" we will visit them next. cdc has updated its guidelines virus.
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good at morning. seventeen minutes until 7:00 a.m. check out the temperatures that have been dropped in.n. any light rain sensor the bottom falls out this weekor not as close last february some a of the colder air that we've seen in quite a while. traffic time with patty.
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the first accidents on the freeway.atav we have reported two cars involved we have a camera in that area and right now we do not see any issues we see some plays going felt that on 77 will seek a be w the two cars that werer both got off the east ninth willll keep our eye on it. fox 8 northboundt looks okay once you get over by the curve you will start to see some slowdowns.. wayne and kristi back to you. it's an elementary school in geauga can't that's rich with technology also knows the value of aal good book that's an interesting twist to shape a bounce education for their studentse precious some of the reason why park elementary is a cool school. >> park elementary and chardon a
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fame school these kindergartners through fifth graders are on the same page. >> they are participating in that one book one school programs for everyone reads the same book focusing on setting and reaching goals. teachers have found ways to balance w technology and the arts about meetings the mandated curriculum. many. hands-on projects are p integrated into the classroom like this science lesson about fossils.hi these six graders take their science class outside in his binoculars receive through a grant from the geauga county park district.s s
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school all students a they have been learning about coding. we did back in december during that hour of good that was across the whole world.ha the road and how create websites than any other instruments
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that's complicated but it's fun. very fun. your time not is 636 we want to congratulate our next". we will feature them next week on thef time not is 647 were going to play the coffee quiz and we come back right now it's time for the career job part of the
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welcome back i'm patty harkin we're seeing slowdowns at thee cannot find anything as you go about your troubles this is a peek at the top end of 77 y the bottom end of 77 getting busy
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rent doesn't register for 80 eastbound.'t a few drug as before you step out this morningg just a little a off the pace for retreated to westbound looks good. thank you very much here's theh eight-day forecast we have some melting snow showers is a good i way to describe it. sunday into mondayostof
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a sugar coat a couple of layers of cake. we have some very talented students from park elementary and chardon. p it's the first thing to go. you come back and i should who knows it's going to happen.a this is calling tally. and they urged to call students.a they are actors. they're going to higher is as agents.y the eagles.
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high school progress them black.r they're going to talk dinosaurs today. specifically that died.
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the plant and her.nd joe's cap her hand. i would say tried ceric tops. >> oh. high fact that one. call. this friendfeed's people. pterodactyl. now. go with be. you can always him pain. why don't you do that. t janice, what do you think that i wish i could call my grandson i'm going to go with be.
6:45 am and some mcdonald's gift certificates say hi to your grandson for us. i well. thanks. thanks so much. we'll talk to you later.r. we have gifts for you guys videoeo we have a little something for you. the cool school. all my gosh. thank you. this is all for me. m we love you guys are an chardon. it's knows a lot out there.
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stick around. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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escape, sunday and has been on the run since then they ity follows two guys they tell us to guys used a pool ballow to escape to the correctional facility. both men have been in the facility since the end of last year.. one was found with synthetic marijuana the other with those cell phone a cell
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have.ith the it uncovered rampant drugs. records show in 201560 inmates walked away from a facility with out without permission 20 were never found.d.fa >> the program helps people get back on track or whatever they have got to do so by the organization runs this facility they plan to add security measuresesga and they are feeling confident they will find these two.on >> charges are expected to come down today after two babies nearly diedd after eating someome type of job possibly heroin. good morning, everyone the good news is these little ones are okay.. we are talking about a 21
6:49 am
taken to the hospital unconscious fortunately they have been revived. the childrenl will spend another day at akron children's hospitalpe before being put in as temporary home. charges t to go against the mother. while both children were brought in unconscious the hospital is to the drug narcan to revive to reverses the effects of heroin and other opiate drugs. they then searched the home looking for cluesruhe for us to what may have happened to the children. many are getting into the younger one because of the age difference. so it only makes sense. >> that made me want to cry.
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shot, but police can invoke emergency temporary custody ifcu there is a suspicion of abuse or neglect and an are not an obvious family member to place the children with.. the grandmother was at the hospital yesterday but they are not givingnghe them to the grandmother others. >> cleveland police tnd are trying to determine what caused the deadly one car crash early this morning. it happened near east 71st street officers their witness told them that driverat simply lost control and ran into a pole. a passenger died while a passenger and another p were sent to the hospital. >> a man is in custody this morning as police investigate the remake thate the map out the police just after 730 last night saying he shot his roommate in the chest.ying then there was a 21
6:51 am
the hospital pronounced dead. >> nearly all the water samples with lead. they say 53 of the 54 samples show blood level in the acceptable range. it keeps the lead from leaking into residential pipes. they have come under fireea for not notifying the public last summer. >> meanwhileast chagrin falls there were concerned about the epa action levels. the district is still waiting for additional testing that wasll taken out of >> 7:06 a.m. still ahead on fox
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-- expecting that morning. >> plussm a message from a guidelines for expecting mothers. >> and it is the end of the road for two presidential hopefuls. see what the republican nominees are looking like now. >> it is seven minutes after 7:00 o'clock and although we do have some snow showers up here7: i don't expect it to call unfortunately we do have an accident i will give you allav the details in just a moment. what m why cannot call in today find your way to the best care at
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will come back to fox eightht news in the morning making advance advances cdc is making headlines with pregnant women now advising pregnant women to avoid sexn or use protection if theirf partners put but an uninfectedr area that comes it that comes with day after a health officials in dallas, texas announced the case that went viral and the zika virus has been linked to thousands ofo birth and fox a newborn. >> living in london 2012 to avoid extradition to sweden or over sexual assault charges he believes it is an attempt to extradite him to the us where he could be chargeded with classified military documents he says he will turn himself over to
6:54 am
were all he has not been unlawfully detained. >> onto the campaign trail were two republicans ta have given up. why out. client: santoro have given up c paul says he will turn his full attention know to a senate reelection campaign in kentucky. the former pennsylvania senator rick santorum saysysn he will nowow support fellow republican marco rubio. >> it is 7:11 a.m. >> let's talk with patty on the roadway. >> unfortunately we have a problem they have an accident involving a car and a train here along water will pay to have the northbound side p at west moderately close to there. you will have to avoid the area once againn the cars and the train
6:55 am
90 at west 25th the one lane with stop and go it takes you down to one lane into the inner belt bridge. and then it slows says down into the metro into the inner belt nothing out off the ordinary along 71 and 90 as you head into town. a forty eastbound on nine minute commute to 71 northbound still checking out. we check in with scott for a look at the forecast. good morning. >> all right, so far, we've not seen too much in the way of it accumulation even though we have had snow showers this morning. temperatures will probably drop p a couple more degrees before the climb up a little bit.. record high temperatures we broke records all over the place we definitely have some sunshine and look at that - - 63 degrees in cleveland yesterday afternoon. everett one about 20
6:56 am
- 25 degrees e and right now is the west wind the dissipating a few of those snow showers continuing all the although i canwno accumulation on the only on a grassyla surface at this. hardly anything in cleveland just a couple little pushes of light snow around the lake with the week front we will probably see a few more of these pop up 34 looking pretty good with wet roadways now wind chills around 18 - - 20 from elyria although it out1 but that is the overall picture. not much is no way of heavy snowfall. seasonal temperatures low to mid 30s these tomorrow and saturday giving way to a dryer sunday with the forecast highlights low 30s keeping the wind chills pretty well that 18 - - 20 most of the after noon. a few of
6:57 am
again and the activity will eventually die around after sunset. twenty-two tonight. high around 36 on friday and then a week front saturday and then quiet until next week. arctic air going to invade most of the staff of the country with daytime highs in the low to mid 20s. overnight close between ten and 15 and then a series of clippers producing some light snow with temperatures dropping our seasonal snow cover next weekow to the south by next think most of us will have snow on the ground it may not be record-settingins post so some snow on the front with temperatures fox eight news is your official school closing station coming up
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the winter weather not much going on obviously, but we will see whether and then we will fire up some snow. we will see what happens. >> and that is by invitationsons from the store. you don't have to buy invitations any more.
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see my even come up on facebook and a baby shower i said what? send me something in the mail. we get a lot of things coming up in city the size of a love-hate relationship with facebook which i can understand because sometimes yououon are excited about it and sometimes you just can't then you don't and when you w don't find out about the event what's going on. >> i think all the old friendships rekindleded with friendships. >> they the only all gloves. i could be good or bad. >> the news we get firsthand without tv it is good for that type of thing. >> while he says aside from the rampant narcissism it is a valuable window into who we areh as a society. the express
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>> i don't like the negative comments. >> one person on twitter found out i hit a lot more people than it used toou yes because you can see having people can be. >> it's true. more coming up we want to hear from you. do you - t wish it was never invented?o >> i love to find pictures of myo college friends and their babies. >> there is a lot of baby stuff. >> it's all college friends yes. their kids are like five and six now i was a little bit late. i had a career. here we go. please don't facebook the am just kidding. timeout is six
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surprised of a new dream home. find out how you can of a chance to win and going vegan - - a nondairy ice cream options hi, >> good morning. congratulationss on number two. and we have with a preview of the lasagna celebration and when we come backhe kicking it with
7:02 am
will come back it isome 7:21 a.m. on your thursday. thank you for waking up with us. >> time to kick it with you won and only kenny crumpton. round of applause. i forgot you have the hat on. i take all that back. very good. all right. that is a holiday.
7:03 am
is celebrateded in cleveland it is basically comparable or mardiard gras a celebration of these times right here. >> and that ceh is as the current comes in please celebrate what that is ce set as the mascot. >> sar the mascot they are of mythological beasts here to stop the weight winter and will come spring. you can see if they hear them shake late march to the streets of saint clare will scare away winter and intimidate children as well. >> thank youi the people who see the cards all through the event what is the event take place? >> this fridays we have with these guys are coming out of hibernation, and then on
7:04 am
groundbreaking for the new high school. >> we are here at east 55th with one of our crews getting ready. >> what is everything take place? >> it is actually here friday night from six until nine.>> you will get to see see this and the polka band on saturday we actually have the parade everything starts at 11 for the parade it starts at noonyt and then you can dance and all sortsan of other groups. >> and then there is also great food with everything in it? >> yes amazing food but there is t stuffy on that too. and that is open. >> we love it. another way to bring out the culture. >> you note there are more here in cleveland than any other cities.
7:05 am
>> as you can see, the dancers are getting ready. we are going to get back to you guys in the studioio. colorful outfits. >> this time is now 7:24 a.m. we are talking about the saint st. jude's dream it has been a blessing as the real work begins almost 2700 square foot home. it has a partially finished basement the house was made by cleveland pretty cleveland city homes valued at more than half a million dollars. ticketss go on sale for the saint jude dream home. >> they will cost $100 each with proceedsw going to st. jude's research hospital will also give
7:06 am
fabulousr prizes. >> 7:54 a.m. on our excuse me 724 on a thursday morning in the city. >> find outin this if his mentors congressman escape a local facility. >> i ams find out who could to be facing chargeso with this over case. >> and now it is that is time to turn to the real ones in the fox eight weather team tonight is the forecast foror the rest of the winter are we added for spring or is it old man winter? the cleveland exclusive tonight on
7:07 am
a windy day. it is a windy day. which is in. >> your balance not bad at all. will come back to fox eight news in the morning 7:29 a.m. is your time let's check in with scott to see how windy it will get 78 or 79 was air like that? >> now the locks at any we let it do its own thing. >> check that out here - -dash pretty good windy. west wind
7:08 am
east again, the wind windows wind is the video store is not so much of accumulation with snowwind i a few more over the lake and geauga countyw no widespread snow again just melting snow showers maybe a quick coded maybe on the sidewalk wind itl chills to pretty chills to pretty cold running about 25 degrees colder than there is the forecast tomorrow breaks in sunshine it will be colder than it was yesterday steady in the t low 30s all day one i will have more coming on in about 15
7:09 am
. >> good morning very busy in the cleveland area plenty of slowdownsa nothing out of the ordinary, but it is sluggish coming up 71 northbound as you head into town an average speed ofh 27 basically 40 eastbound it is slow as and outerwear towards i to 71. we do unfortunately have an accident that is of also car the train. it is along waterlooaa east of worcester at the train tracks police haveas closed the northbound side of worcester at waterloo as they deal with the car and they take a look at the accident. seventy-one at for 80. not too bad. this is i 90 eastbound passing western boulevard the slowdown takes on takes you all
7:10 am
drive timeshe along i 90 still a 21 minute commute starting to slow down 60 minutes noww between at route 82:00 a.m. to downtown as you head towards i 90. to get you caught up on what is happening t w at a low level look up l your in the city. >> the men got away the issue was uncovered last year we live live with what we know. >> good morning. authoritiesng. say the two men used a pool ball a to special whole p call whole in a dormitory window they are now looking for this to one they 21 had been heres since december onn probation for stolen vehicle the other since november on drug charges it is a halfway house for low-level convicted felons they serve anywhere from 90 to
7:11 am
jobs and educational services after about 30 days they are a lot of some freedom to comeabou ago but in december we uncovered major issues your inmates w who opted to not to their time and rampant drug use they are trying to crack down on that. >> they took everything. i mean, choose close they take it all then flip it inside but inside out. th >> the other one out his cell phone> he was supplemented youen promoted to have. >> the low-level lockup is a private organization administrators of the organization are saying they are trying to improve security measures here sa so things like this will not happen.
7:12 am
the lives it saved the lives of two babiesyis s. >> both babies were revived. just check out joins us live with what happened snoww and you will be held responsible. >> goodd morning. the good news is the babies are alive no charges filed in a pie cap i investigators say some chargesg will probably come down today the main suspect in this is the 18 -year-old motherth who is theo woman who brought the babies to the hospital police spent wednesday coming to the home trying to figure outt for something so horrible could happen at 21 -month-old girl and a nine -month-old boy were both brought to the hospital just before noon on tuesday. police say they were both unconscious afteray eating some form of opiates probably alan they say now in the city the court child ahe c fed is the drugs to the other one of the mother been found the children on the kitchen for both children were given two doses of
7:13 am
the effects of heroin. >> never today anticipate the thoughtt this is uncharted i've never heard of it. >> narcan has been used by emergency workers for decades, but w the drug made headlines this week because cbs announced it will soon start selling it init ohio stores you won't need a prescription. not everyone agrees it should be sold over the counter a lot say it will give people more reason to do heroin, but i was discovering this story on monday and now it babies. >> the time is 7:35 a.m. no birthday reminders, no emberser - what was life like for you before we had all gone to the social network? >> no dairy? no problem prevent injuries they have a look at the
7:14 am
line. >> he is just about the school as they come a month long celebratingy black history bellwethers indicted inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of
7:15 am
will come back to the big show it is 7:39 a.m. >> time to get plugged in with todd. >> happy birthday facebook did you to do not is 12 years old todayk we are taking your thoughts and comments on what you did before facebook.k. do you think it is been a good thing i do think it never should have been invented? though so it is an addiction i for interaction people are consistently on facebook andff communication
7:16 am
as we all do it all the time. >> it's like a teacher calling you out. i did not know what everybody worcester at 90 people are getting married etc. butce i check in a million times a day. >> you can get addicted a lot about is the problem side then you are on it all the time although they are not necessarily on facebook before facebook used to look up at to see if the cold front is a cold front is listed in the t phonebook let your fingers do the walking. >> i have oneour they become every thin. >> mixes before twitter been followed was cause for concern
7:17 am
issue you were looking over your shoulder facebook is the worst to social media ever invented we too much personal invention you have to be careful watch our reports we will have open on social media technology. >> i don't even have facebook. >> my wife does not have it yet. >> how do you keep in touch with her, wayne? >> that is very true. >> here are ways to get a hold of us what did you do before facebook? 7:41 a.m. is your time still ahead - - a check with your weather and trafficm. >> and coming to a target new year? see near? see what you thinkw. >> been injuries has its latest lineup ice cream we will have a
7:18 am
>> making money while you sleep? people all over are doing it tonight at 10:00 o'clock, the high-tech ways people are not getting paid to letk, people watch them all day and all night and a warning on internet safety giving out about the new trend moneymaking sleepers and their
7:19 am
get up get down had not to hit the town dancing till the to the band is throughda feels like louisiana
7:20 am
heading out to be a part good morning, everybody. catherine holiday we have had them on the show many times they have been around for a couple of decades the swamp popfo you can check them out at crab rocks coming up saturday from six until 9:00 p.m. as a kind of celebrate mardi gras around the corner fat tuesday is next tuesday we have temperatures that have droppedf 63 yesterday love 302 of these snow showers note issues this morning very low on the accumulation partly sunny 36 the coverage will be small look at the a percentage with many areas making it into the through the weekend without saying anythingnt
7:21 am
pattern and start to call john at that we get real windy most of next week from tuesday the next thursday windy and colder with a good chance of that couple of accumulations heree with the lake effect behind its clipper the bottom line is by next thursday mostst will have some snow on the ground with the wind it chills in the single digits tuesday through thursday morning. foxing is is your official school closing station. traffic time with patty. >> thank you. good morning. in the cleveland area we are seeing our share of delays and nothing out of the ordinary d just your normal rush-hour there is one in summit county it for software with two carun accident 76 eastbound at east avenue causing delays that we haveve this accident water will east of worcester a car and a tray about
7:22 am
northbound side of worcester on waterloo. this is a bottle 70 due to a delay of an accident a couple of cars involved in that this is 71 with a parking lota from before west 25th moving on to the inner belt bridge coming to downtown drive time i have a stop and go nine minutes up to i 9271 northbound between for 82 between 77 and to 71 just over 30 miles per hour. >> thank you. and headlines this morning - - home depot is goingt on a hiring spree ahead of spring with the nation's largest retailil plans to hire more than 80,000 seasonal workers seasonal work to become permanent for some home depot says half of their seasonal workers turn into full-time employees applications
7:23 am
>> cbs purpose the opening up locations inside the target. they open up wednesday thewe pharmacy chains is it will be b the first of many joint locationst they about the business poor 1.5 billionn dollars all target premises will now be rebrandeded and all patient records will be transferred. >> ice cream is great we all scream for begin ice cream beencr injuries now operate and nondairy version of their iconic ice cream made with an almond milk -based. it will feature a nondairy version of chunky monkey.ea and chocolate fudge brownie and exclusive to the vacant nine e peanut butter cookies and coffee caramel fudge. it is set to hit the floor sometime next month. - -dash we're giving away two country may get tickets.'r and no more $5 for months. we will find out how much the it will
7:24 am
>> and we have an update on the road to american idol start him. >> good morning. i end with the new too slovenian courts helping me get ready for the festival. when we come back i will show you. i have nothing. thank
7:25 am
we just actually celebrated our 60th anniversary two years ago we are actually having a performance in augustw. >> what is cap like right here on east 55th.
7:26 am
these are the typical
7:27 am
>> and a lot of stuff is handmade correct? >> yes most of these customs are from slovenia. >> that is an amazing everything starts this weekend, and we can see the ds performed one? >> saturday d right after the parade. >> this is the festival that tells spring to get in here and winter out of here. >> kenny, thank you so much we will check back in an just a shortll while in the meantime keep it right here we have a lot more coming up on fox eight news in the morning. >> stacy - - >> two escapees from akron fractional facility are in cleveland we will tell you why this is not the first time the happen problems there. >> and two babies rushed to the
7:28 am
some type of drug that will change later today? we will have a look coming tickets find out when you need to call ins. >> and stick around - - we have
7:29 am
good morning at twotwo cleveland and all of northeast ohio it is the fourth day of february, 2016 it is 8:00 o'clock. happy friday eve as a like to call it around here. p scott has a look at your forecast. very cool. low 30s right now. pretty good area of cloud cover with sunshine still showing these melting snow showers with a northwest windhe
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